2013 Schedule

Sunday Salon B Salon C Salon D Lone Tree Englewood
9:00a – 12:00p Ray Wenderlich-Introduction to OpenGL ES and GLKit: Hands-On Kendall Helmstetter Gelner – XCode Advanced Debugging and Problem Solving Mike Berg – Optimizing your art asset workflow Build an Air BnB Clone in a Day Rene Cacheaux-Transition VC’s Like a Pro
1:00p – 5:00p Ray Wenderlich-Introduction to OpenGL ES and GLKit: Hands-On cont’d Kendall Helmstetter Gelner – XCode Advanced Debugging and Problem Solving Chris Risner – Connecting iOS and the Cloud – Hands–On Learning Build an Air BnB Clone in a Day Cont’d Open
Monday Salon B Salon C Salon D Lone Tree
All Day Game Dev Lounge in Englewood
9:30a – 10:20a KEYNOTE – Brianna Wu
10:40a – 11:30a 100-Mike Schramm – The Perfect Launch 300-Jay Graves – Provisioning Profiles like a Pro 100- Nick Arnott – How to Break Your Apps Before I Do 200-Mark Pospesel – Putting the custom in custom controls
11:50a – 12:40p 300-Carl Brown – Apps that Can See: Getting Data from CoreImage to Computer Vision 200-Chris Risner – Building Connected iOS apps with Mobile Services 200-Ben Reubenstein – Lessons learned, from freelancer to merger Nathan Eror-Building iOS Games with Unity: An Introduction for iOS Developers
12:40p – 2:00p LUNCH – Session: Contracts, and Clauses, and Lawyers – Oh My! (Cocoapods Hangout in Lone Tree)
2:10p – 3:00p 100-Ben Johnson – Gratuitous Animations: How Subtlety in User Experience Design Can Impress Your Users and Apple. 100-Michele Titolo – API Jones and the Wireframes of Doom 400-Jim McKeeth – Hacking iBooks and EPUB with JavaScript! Anthony Rinaldi & Robert Shoemate – Kicking Those Bad Reviews with Automated UI Testing
3:20p – 4:10p 100-Chiu-Ki Chan – Intro to Android for iOS developers 300-Joe Cieplinski – Customer Support – Building Apps for the Long Haul 300-Saul Mora – Design Patterns for Mobile Apps Alex Bratton – A Real World MBA — 20 Painful Entrepreneurial Lessons
4:30p – 5:20p General Session – Collin Donnell – App Making for Deadites
 6:00p – 8:00p Evening Reception at Clock Tower Grill
All Day Game Dev Lounge in Englewood
8:50a – 9:40a General Session: Matthew Henderson, Samuel Goodwin, Collin Donnell – Tools for your Trade
10:00a – 10:50a 200-Justin Williams – Achieving Zen with Auto Layout 100-Ash Furrow – Effective Use of Open Source 200-Colin Cornaby – Amaze Users With Augmented Reality 200-Steve Baranski – Finance for Developers, or “Fake It Til You Make It” Is Not a Strategy
11:00a – 12:30p LUNCH Session: Apple Event Viewing Party
12:30p – 1:20p 200-Brian Partridge – Automate Everything: Continuous Integration for iOS and Mac 300-Dalmo Cirne – Augmented Reality Geolocation Math 400-Rene Cacheaux – Parallactic Collection Views 100-Joe Pezzillo – Engaging the Enterprise with Push Notifications
1:40p – 2:30p 100-Andria Jensen – Clients from Hell…and how to deal with them 200-Matthew Morey – Pebble Watch iOS SDK Overview 300-Tony Hillerson – Dynamic Audio for Apps and Games 300- Kendall Helmstetter Gelner – The Ten Terrible Tribulations of Core Data
2:50p – 3:40p 100-Mike Berg – How to effectively communicate with designers 300-Brent Simmons – Why and How to use SQLite without CoreData Josh Michaels – Tales from Indie Tech Support 400-Justin Shacklette – Mush and Squush: Soft-Body Physics
4:00p – 4:50p General Session: Sam Davies: The Art of Custom UI Controls
5:10p – 6:00p General Session: Carl Brown – Take the Red Pill and Leave the Matrix: Writing Apps for the Physical World
Evening Reception
All Day Game Dev Lounge in Englewood
9:30a – 10:20a 200-Matthew Henderson – Swizzle Sticks — an introduction to the Objective-C runtime 200-Phil Hassey – From Kickstarter to Launch: Galcon 2 300-Jay Thrash – AirPlay: Creating Apps with (Split) Personality 300-Joe Keeley – Thread Safely! Techniques for Safe Concurrent Programming
10:40a – 11:30a 100- Jonathan D. Rhyne – What an iOS Developer needs to know about the law? 400 – James Jennings-Video Streaming on iOS: The Gory Details 200-Kyle Richter – Strong, Better, Faster with Instruments and Debugging  Josh Micheals-Effective Strategies for Dropping Out
11:30a – 1:00p LUNCH – Game Jam Review
1:00p – 1:50p 300-Jay Thrash – Living Off the Grid with UICollectionViews 100-Samuel Goodwin – Do Scary Things 300 – Chris Parrish-Bring Your App to Life with UIKit Dynamics 300 - Thomson Comer – Understand and control sockets with NSStream
2:20p – 3:10p 100-Janine Ohmer – From Idea to App Store 200-Rusty Mitchell – Let Animation Be Your Guide 200-Mark Pospesel – Animating Responsibly 200-Jay Freeman – Cycript: JavaScript Debug Console for Native Apps
3:30p – 4:20p General Session. Inside Text from Xcode…and meet a very special secret guest
4:40p – 5:30p General Session. Closing Remarks
Business of iPhone Sights, Sounds, and Interactions Hands-On Development Tips and Tricks