Sponsor a kid

Last friday we added a ticket add on called “Sponsor a kid” to the registration form. We wanted to explain what it is and how it will work.

From the beginning we’ve been asked if there’s a student discount or scholarship program, and we always declined both. The former because our tickets were so cheap we were often cheaper than many other events’ student price. The Latter because we never knew how best to handle it. Who got such a scholarship, how did it work, etc. We’re at a place now where we think it makes sense to figure out these two issues.

First, you as an attendee can add as many ‘Sponsor a kid’ add-ons as you like, they’re in $50 increments. Everyone who supports this program will be recognized during the State of the Conference general session. That’s not to entice support, but to thank those who do.

Also, we’ll match the contributions of the community, to help this fund go as far as possible.

Anyone who’d like to apply for the scholarship can do so. The rules (or guidelines really) are simple. You have to be a student, and if you’re under 18 you’ll need to be accompanied by a chaperone. The chaperone doesn’t need a conference ticket, likely the chaperone will be bored out of their minds, why make them pay to suffer :)

Here’s the part that’s gonna take work on our end. All the money collected for this effort will be put into a pool. The current plan is that there will be a cut off period for applications, and after that we’ll convene a panel to review applications. Depending on the size of the pool, we’ll approve as many applications as possible. The panel will be volunteers from the community. Much like speaker selection, we think the scholarship selection will be done blind, to eliminate as much bias as possible.

Who should apply? Anyone who is a student and is interested in iOS. Whether development or design, whether you’ve already got an app in the store or not. You can apply here

360iDev 2012 – Great things come of the Game Jam

For amy this won’t be news at all.

Unicorn Rush was born in 2010 in San Jose, at 360|iDev. It was a Game Jam game, prototyped and built (mostly) in the course of one caffeine and sugar fueled night.

Stuff like this is why we support and love having the game jam at 360|iDev. Seeing folks build something new, completely from scratch in just a few hours, and then actually taking it live to the App store later, is so much win.

Keith and Natalia did it during the Denver 2009 360|iDev (IIRC) with Hippo High Dive as well. There’s more, many more, but you get the point. Whether you’ve got 10 or 0 apps in the App Store when you arrive at 360|iDev on Sunday, there’s a very good chance you can leave with one nearly ready to submit if you want.

so if the Game Jam wasn’t something you were thinking about doing, maybe you should re-think that :)

The Game Jam is also independently run from the conference, we believe it’s better to let the community run the Jam. So check out their page, and by the way they still need some sponsors to cover food, snacks, etc. It’s a great and inexpensive way to support the community.


See you in September! Register now before it’s too late!

360iDev – The power of 12 year olds!

And no, we don’t mean like hooking them up to something and using them like batteries, though they probably have the energy to run a small town!

We mean, our friend Santi is coming to Austin and this time he’s bringing a friend! If you were in San Jose you’ll remember Santi as the awesome 11 year old, who sat up front during every session, and rocked the game jam, working with David Whatley! Santi and Charlie are joining us and we couldn’t be happier! These two are a great examples of how awesome the iOS dev community is. Between them they’ve released 12 apps. 12!

We’re so excited to welcome these two awesome and talented developers, and look forward to seeing what they can do in Austin!

360iDev – The Community is strong!

I’m biased, obviously. I like competition, but hate johnny come lately type stuff that dilutes the market without providing benefit to the community/customer.

I hate seeing an event fail, I hate seeing a business fail, it sucks, 360|Conferences is slowly climbing out of bootstrap and into slight profitability, I know the pain of having no money, as do many if not most app devs at one point or another.

As such, seeing Appcon, fail before it even started, doesn’t bother me. I hope they refunded everyone’s money.

What does bother me, is saying that the community isn’t ready for their “groundbreaking event”.

Groundbreaking? Let’s be honest.

Birds of a feather? Been there, done that.

Fast pitch? not interested, but have done ignite style fast pitch things. It works at Ignite events, not conferences IMO.

Expo? Do it each time.

40 sessions by experts? Yeah we know all about having that many awesome community experts in one place, we do it 2x a year!

The App Developer community, primarily the iOS community is crazy strong, and growing daily!! To say the community is the reason an event fails is disingenuous at best. When Tom and I started 360|iDev, we barely knew the community, we opened our doors, approached those who we either knew, knew about, or found, and from there have continued to build something that we’re proud of, and hopefully the iOS developer community is proud of.

Look at the image below, I’m thinking there’s another reason appcon failed, and it has nothing to do with size or strength of the mobile developer community. Heck the modern, (again IMO) technologies that matter… are thriving and growing.

So I personally and on behalf of 360|iDev, call BS on appcon. Let’s show the organizers, just how ready the community is!! See you in Austin!!