360iDev 2012 – Great things come of the Game Jam

For amy this won’t be news at all.

Unicorn Rush was born in 2010 in San Jose, at 360|iDev. It was a Game Jam game, prototyped and built (mostly) in the course of one caffeine and sugar fueled night.

Stuff like this is why we support and love having the game jam at 360|iDev. Seeing folks build something new, completely from scratch in just a few hours, and then actually taking it live to the App store later, is so much win.

Keith and Natalia did it during the Denver 2009 360|iDev (IIRC) with Hippo High Dive as well. There’s more, many more, but you get the point. Whether you’ve got 10 or 0 apps in the App Store when you arrive at 360|iDev on Sunday, there’s a very good chance you can leave with one nearly ready to submit if you want.

so if the Game Jam wasn’t something you were thinking about doing, maybe you should re-think that :)

The Game Jam is also independently run from the conference, we believe it’s better to let the community run the Jam. So check out their page, and by the way they still need some sponsors to cover food, snacks, etc. It’s a great and inexpensive way to support the community.


See you in September! Register now before it’s too late!

360iDev – Who attends 360idev?

360|iDev, since it’s beginning has attracted an awesome mix of people.

The first conference in 2009, had several sessions, including a sunday Hands-On about Jailbreaking, and what you can do in the jailbroken environment. We also had tons of people who had just put 1 or 2 apps in the store, we had a few folks who had already gone full time, whether as indie developers for hire, or running their own agency, building iPhone apps for companies big and small. We had authors and more in attendance. Mike Lee talked about the Apple community, and why it’s so awesome. We had sessions on how to market your app, what you need to watch out for legally and more.

Then in Denver, we noticed a shift, seeing more indie game developers in attendance. Keith and Natalia keynoted, David Whatley, an awesome late addition talked about being successful in the iPhone game space. Matt Drance formerly of Apple kicked off the conference, with an incredible keynote. We had developers talking about game design and development, being successful in the app store, making a living. We had developers talking about integrating push, getting crazy with OpenGL ES,  Core Data, Core Animation, and more. We also saw the first Game Jam take place, developers spent the night churning out games. Presenting them on Wednesday. Several are in the app store now.

Were seeing the same thing as we plan for San Jose 2010 (You should register). We’re seeing tons more successful developers talking about how to succeed, how to rock the app store, even how to rock the app store with out being a “Smash hit”. We’ve got sessions that are sure to blow your mind, and be worth more than the price of admission, just for those 80 minutes. The Game Jam is back, sponsored by Touch Arcade, Aurora Feint is holding a Game Bar, to highlight games using Open Feint and talk about the added coolness of using OF in your games. We’ve got sessions, on marketing, running your business, advertising, and more.

360|iDev has proven to be an incredible mix of technical sessions, unlike any you’ll see at other events, and business and design sessions that will inform and inspire.

So to answer the question, who attends 360|iDev? Everyone.

  • Developers who want to be a success in the App Store.
  • Developers who want to hear about what the rest of the world will be talking about in 6 months
  • Developers who want to level up their skillset
  • Developers who want to meet other developers, and share experiences, and a beer.
  • People looking for work (3 people who’ve spoken at 360|iDev, have been hired by Apple, coincidence? Probably, but who knows), indies looking for projects, people looking to hire developers, etc.
  • People who are already a success, making their living from apps in the App Store
  • Authors of THE books you’re reading to learn iPhone Development
    • From Manning, O’Reilly, and Apress
  • People with new projects and products to announce!
    • Where better to announce iPhone specific things than to a very targeted group of people.
  • People who want to connect with the iPhone developer community. Not the hobbyist community, not the authors for x publisher community, THE iphone developer community. The people doing it daily, making and selling apps. The people who eat, sleep and breath iPhone development.

The short answer is, the people who attend 360|iDev…

Want to make a nice living in the App Store. (Originally it was “Want to get rich on the App Store”, but I toned it down)

Want to get hired by Apple.


Do yourself and your career a favor, be in San Jose April 11-14th for 360|iDev! Register now!

What you won’t see or get at 360iDev

It occurred to me, that it might be a good idea to make it clear what does/doesn’t happen at 360|iDev for those who might not know.

  • There are little to no marketing sessions. When we have sponsored sessions, we try to make that as clear as possible, so you know what you’re getting.
  • There is not a speaker green room. You’ll have the same access to speakers as anyone else. They’re hanging out, attending sessions etc. No Pre modonnas here (aside from Wiskus LOL), and if there are, they still can’t hide.
  • There are speakers who want to be there. Our speakers aren’t paid to be there (well, we do cover hotel room, but that’s it). We don’t invite celebrities or treat one speaker better than the rest, etc. If they’re on the schedule it’s because their topic was awesome, and they wanted to present it.
  • There is not such a large group of people that you feel like a tiny fish in a big massive pond.
  • There is no WebOS, or Android. I’m sure they’re great, we don’t hate those technologies, but they have no place at a conference for iPhone Developers
  • There are no private parties that you’re not welcome to attend. There’s 1 party each night, everyone is welcome!
  • There are 40 sessions focusing on iPhone OS development. (i.e. iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. That’s it, no Mac desktop development, nothing else)
  • There are no extra fees to attend. Sunday Hands-on Training – Free to all attendees. Parties at night – included in the price (actually sponsored)

If you haven’t registered for 360|iDev, you’re missing out. This is a quote from past speaker Jake Behrens, “@360iDev Thank you! The conference put my life in a direction I never imagined I’d be in. You rock!

That’s high praise and exactly what we’re trying to do. We want to be an event where great things can and do happen, and we think we do a pretty good job of that :)

Register now!