What’s the Faithful Ticket?

Since we’ve rolled out the faithful ticket along with our new look, I figured a little explanation might be in order.

Quite simply the faithful ticket is the cheapest ticket ever available for 360|iDev. It’s $300 off the full price. The reason we call it the ‘faithful’ ticket is easy, you’re buying it on faith that the conference will rock. There’s no line up yet. No schedule. No Sponsors. Nothing, not even a date usually.

However it’s not blind faith, when we announce the date, or the line up, or anything for that matter, if it’s not to your liking, you can get a full refund. Really this ticket is your way to tell us a few things; you love the conference and know we’ll do a good job creating an awesome line up, and you want the best deal possible for the best indie iOS conference around.


We have a simple refund policy, you can get a full refund up until 3 weeks before the conference. No questions asked. No matter what ticket you buy, how much you pay. Full refund up until 3 weeks out. After that, we don’t do refunds. We’ve committed on swag, food, etc and it just doesn’t work for us. Many events have a convoluted sliding scale of this % by this time, and another % in this window of time, etc. That’s just not worth the trouble.

Community is important

There’s “being about the community” and there’s actually supporting it. We choose to do the latter whenever and where ever we can.


WWDC provides a lot of opportunities to support and help grow the iOS/Mac Community. This year we’re really happy to be supporting two great efforts that you should check out.

For the second year in a row we’re supporting #AltWWDC. The folks behind Appsterdam are some of our best friends. The things they’re doing there, are the single biggest reason moving overseas appeals to me. I dunno if I’ll ever get a chance to, but I want to and it’s 100% because of the hard work of the Appsterdam crew. On top of the awesome line up of speakers, it’s a great place to just be. Get out of the starbucks by Moscone and just hang out and be around the community. I’ll be there working most days during WWDC, as AltWWDC is my remote office for 360|iDev that week. I love having a place surrounded by friends where I can get work done during the day. If you weren’t planning on stopping in, you should. The free tickets are ‘sold out’ so now it’s first come first served, but stop in when you can and check it out. The talks are TOP NOTCH!


The other awesome thing we’re involved in this year is WWDC Girls. Women in technology or for that matter diversity in technology is a big deal. At every 360|iDev we encourage women to submit, every year we fail to meet the goals we set for ourselves. We keep trying because it’s a challenge that needs to be met. In addition to helping encourage women to submit topics to 360|iDev we try to support things outside the conference that help raise women in technology up. WWDC girls this year is hosting a happy hour to benefit App Camp for Girls. We’re happy to be a part of it and glad that they were able to make room to let us sponsor.


There’s a lot of community focused things happening the week of WWDC. The week is about so much more than sitting in Moscone. Night of Meat, the other three Nights of Meat that exist when the first fills up, Alt WWDC and things like it, and so much more.


360|iDev is one week a year, we try to make sure that event enables us to help the community all year long. Hope you’ll be able to make it in September!

One of the best parts of 360iDev min

IMG_7234You can get technical content most anywhere; the internet, books, podcasts, tutorials, etc. (though we’re pretty damn proud of the technical content lined up for [360|iDev min]… Just sayin’)


But what you can’t get online are experiences like this:

Sitting down to lunch over a burger, talking to the developer of several hugely successful sports apps.

chatting with the developer of several massively successful iOS games over snacks and beer after a day of mind blowing sessions.

Sitting next to the QA guy that broke the news that Simple and many other banking apps are crazy insecure while you watch one of the guys above present.

Trading design ideas with the gal that had one of the highest rated talks at 360|iDev 2012.

Laughing over breakfast with the guy who’s company gives indie developers the insight they need into how their apps are doing in the app store.

Trading horror stories with the guy who will be reviewing your next blockbuster game for TUAW over lunch at one of dozens of restaurants around the conference.

And more, many many more. Every speaker and attendee is an awesome unique experience waiting to happen while you attend [360|iDev min], and of course, then there’s the 12 sessions of actually great technical content.


There’s a few spots left! See you there!

360iDev 2012 – Great things come of the Game Jam

For amy this won’t be news at all.

Unicorn Rush was born in 2010 in San Jose, at 360|iDev. It was a Game Jam game, prototyped and built (mostly) in the course of one caffeine and sugar fueled night.

Stuff like this is why we support and love having the game jam at 360|iDev. Seeing folks build something new, completely from scratch in just a few hours, and then actually taking it live to the App store later, is so much win.

Keith and Natalia did it during the Denver 2009 360|iDev (IIRC) with Hippo High Dive as well. There’s more, many more, but you get the point. Whether you’ve got 10 or 0 apps in the App Store when you arrive at 360|iDev on Sunday, there’s a very good chance you can leave with one nearly ready to submit if you want.

so if the Game Jam wasn’t something you were thinking about doing, maybe you should re-think that :)

The Game Jam is also independently run from the conference, we believe it’s better to let the community run the Jam. So check out their page, and by the way they still need some sponsors to cover food, snacks, etc. It’s a great and inexpensive way to support the community.


See you in September! Register now before it’s too late!