Downtown Denver

For years now we've been hosting 360|iDev just south of Denver in Lonetree. The marriott there is really awesome, except it's 40 minutes from downtown via light rail, and about that far or more by car from the airport. We slogged through this less … [Read more]

A Word on Dates

We've got some cool stuff in the works for 360|iDev 2014 Nothing is locked in yet, unfortunately. but first bit of news is we're looking at a hotel Downtown Denver. That's big for us, we've been down south at the Marriott for a few years, and … [Read more]

Sponsor a kid

Last friday we added a ticket add on called "Sponsor a kid" to the registration form. We wanted to explain what it is and how it will work. From the beginning we've been asked if there's a student discount or scholarship program, and we always … [Read more]